PAMPERS – “Right Tonight” 7”EP

Pampers continue their
party-crashing sprint to the head of Punk Rock USA’s slop table, this time with
a four-song EP that grafts “Teabag”-era Dwarves speed-rush onto their own
stellar form of blown-out, lysergic psych. “Seneca Road” is this record’s
version of their 2013 album’s “Purple Brain”, the lone three-minute topper
that’s all colors, lights and what sounds like 18 roaring guitars. Not one to
be pigeonholed, our Pampers, the song even references acid. “I feel light-headed, I feel good”.

(In The Red; intheredrecords.com)
– Jay


Meet PAMPERS. They’re a NYC band who’ve got their first album coming out on In The Red, like, next week. The song you’re about to play by pressing the button above is called “Eruptions”, and it’s from a ridiculously limited 45 from 2011 on Jack Shack Records.

These fellas have the dangerous, off-kilter distorto-punk thing down, and may even be adding a new chapter themselves. Love this song, in any case. Looking forward to getting busy with that album next week.


I played this smoker, “Teen Love Song”, on my Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio Podcast #9 last week, and I got calls from as far away as Moldova, Ceylon and Persia that it had melted the earbuds off at least seven different iPods – and one Zune!

THE CONSUMERS were a Phoenix punk rock band who up & moved to Los Angeles, recruited scary goth punk singer Dinah Cancer to front them, and turned into 45 GRAVE. They’d have never gotten away with the less-than-classy set of lyrics they display here on “Teen Love Song” with a woman singing them, which is why 45 Grave didn’t do this song yet did virtually all of the other Consumers songs captured on their posthumous LP/CD, “All My Friends Are Dead”. 


THE LAMPS have always kinda been on the bubble for me……like, I enjoy a good throttling as much as anyone, and their ability to deliver sheets of pummeling feedback and squawk is unparalleled. Sometimes, albeit rarely, they pull it together enough to push out some coherent, driving, intense songs to move the pain forward and inward. I truly do like it when they do that.

I also like how on their new one, “Under The Water Under The Ground” on In The Red, they’ve also done away with the last dregs of those strangled Ralph-Kramden-under-extreme-torture vocals. Did someone get lessons? Did a new fella take over? Whatever, the city of Los Angeles just got a little bit more panicky and tense with this one. See if you can handle the wallop – here’s “An Irrational Fear of Sailors” from the new one.