(Originally posted on my Agony Shorthand blog, March 2003…..and let it be known that there is some Piranhas stuff that’s phenomenal, like this collection)


Not at all a wrong-headed approach – 70s punk-style organ-driven garage noise – just a failure in execution for Detroit’s PIRANHAS on their debut CD.

Take the carnival-ride organ sounds of the EYES on “T.A.Q.N.”, throw in the electro-weirdness of BLACK RANDY & THE METROSQUAD, the pop sense of the DICKIES and of course the angry attack of the SCREAMERS – now take away 75% of the talent, and you have this CD. Yet their label describes them as “Like a mutant cross between Hearpen-era Pere Ubu and “Damaged”-era Black Flag with a dose of mid 70’s Cleveland punk poured over the top for good measure”. Good lord, I wish – wouldn’t you rush out to buy that?

It’s not really the musicians’ fault, they’re fine, it’s the singer and his horrid, attention-seeking, “listen to me everyone, I’m being strangled” vocals. As my friend Doreen would patiently advise: “Validate from within".