THE CHARALAMBIDES were  – and may very well remain, for all I know – a Houston-based band who continued well into the ‘00s after putting out a number of self-released tapes and records, as well as a much-hailed series of experimental psychedelic/folk LPs on Siltbreeze. I actually got to know the band’s Christina Carter via mail back when she was Christina-something-else, and working in a record store in Austin. She and her later-husband Tom Carter showed me a fantastic time in Houston once around 1994 or so when I was visiting on a business trip; taking me to an Indian restaurant, playing me records at their house and then drinking on the lawn at Rice University. Almost – almost – made me want to move to Houston, for about five minutes. 

For years my favorite thing by them has been this 5-minute accordion instrumental that was almost a throwaway near the end of a side on their “Historic 6th Ward” LP from 1994. It’s called “Now The Day Is Over”. Let it lull you into a pleasant chin-on-hands stupor.