Now available, once again – Dynamite Hemorrhage #1 fanzine. We put this out the final week of December 2013 but had to stop selling our remaining copies due to a summer-long stint in Norway, which is now over.

Head over here and take a look at the right-hand column to order and pay via Paypal if you’d like a copy of this 68-page behemoth. It’s $7 plus the true shipping cost to get it to you in your country.

(Dynamite Hemorrhage #2 is coming in October 2014 – more bloated and more obsessive than ever)

#1 includes:

– An in-depth interview with Chris D., Los Angeles-based punk rock earth-turner, who founded and fronted The Flesh Eaters; ran a pioneering record label called Upsetter; almost released the first Black Flag album; wrote dozens of reviews and helped to edit the seminal Slash magazine; put out his own fanzine with Exene, John Doe & Judith Bell; and much more – all before 1979 was finished. This interview focuses solely on that period of his career

– The first and only retrospective and posthumous interview with SALLY SKULL, a fantastic 1990s all-female Scottish band who made raw, jarring garage punk music with dollops of angularity and dirty pop hooks

– Mail interviews with SEX TIDE and HOUSEHOLD, two current bands working the circuit (Household R.I.P.) who happen to be two of Dynamite Hemorrhage’s very favorites

– Quickie interview with BONA DISH, a recently-resurrected early 80s UK countryside band who are poster children for the rough-hewn, spaced-out DIY sound that we’ve all come to worship from that era and country

– Big retrospective on 1980s and 1990s underground music fanzines (like Damp, Butt Rag, Dagger, Two Hundred Pound Underground etc.) by the editor of Fuckin’ Record Reviews blog

– 60-something record reviews written by Erika Elizabeth and Jay Hinman

– 15-something book reviews by Jay & Erika

– Advertisements from today’s top labels

Won’t you order one today?


Dynamite Hemorrhage #1 is now available for a mere $7 plus shipping to anywhere in the world. Seems like all the rad punkers, indie freaks and messed-up record obsessives must all have placed their orders already because our shipping and receiving department has been dead as a doornail this week.

Ordering instructions are to your right (if you’re reading this on dynamitehemorrhage.com) or at http://www.dynamitehemorrhage.com if you’re reading this on Tumblr.

Interviews with Chris D. (FLESH EATERS); Sally Skull; Sex Tide; Household; Bona Dish plus pages upon pages of reviews of vinyl, digital, print and beyond. “Only” 200 copies left….


Hey, it’s our 28th phony DYNAMITE HEMORRHAGE radio show, and the final edition of the podcast for 2013. In just over an hour, you’ll experience a revelatory unearthed version of a classic Velvet Underground song; stellar new stuff from Household, Ausmuteants, Roachclip, Juniper Rising, The Nots, Burnt Palms and Slum of Legs; plus additional righteous gnarl from the last four decades.

PETTY CRIME – Mathematics
THE VELVET UNDERGROUND – Beginning To See The Light (early version)
ROACHCLIP – Don’t Do The Jump
THE CHEFS – Commander Lonely
WORLD OF POOH – Strip Club
BURNT PALMS – Open My Eyes
THE FLESH EATERS – The Word Goes Flesh
THE USERS – I’m In Love With Today
THE SPITS – Autobahn
THE NOTS – Salesman
THE GORIES – To Find Out (live)
FLOP – Act 1 Scene 1
AUSMUTEANTS – No Motivation
HOUSEHOLD – Panorama
SLUM OF LEGS – Slum of Legs
GRAEME JEFFERIES – Prisoner of a Single Passion

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Dynamite Hemorrhage fanzine #1 is now at the printer – and if anyone’s interested, we’re currently taking pre-orders. It will be shipped before December 31st, as I’ll have these in my hands right after Xmas.

What’s in this 68-page magazine, you ask? Here’s what we (me, Erika Elizabeth and Fuckin’ Record Reviews) wrote for you:

  • Lengthy interview with Chris D. (Flesh Eaters), focused solely on 1977-80 LA punk; Slash magazine; Upsetter Records and his band
  • Retrospective and interview with Sally Skull, 1994-97 all female, criminally forgotten low-fidelity Scottish garage/art/punk band
  • Interviews with Sex Tide and Household, two of today’s hottest young hitmakers
  • Interview with the fellas from Bona Dish, an early 80s UK DIY band who’ve recently surfaced again thanks to a reissue of their cassette material
  • A comprehensive piece by the editor of Fuckin’ Record Reviews blog on various obscure 80s/90s fanzines
  • 56 record reviews
  • 17 (lengthy) book reviews

It’s $7 plus shipping to anywhere in the world. In the US, tack on an additional $2 for shipping; $3.50 in Canada; $5 for anywhere else on the planet. If that’s a little much for you, and/or if you’ve spurned old-school print in favor of digital, there should be a tablet edition available for a mere $5 in coming weeks.

Ordering information – via Paypal – is right here on the Dynamite Hemorrhage site. You can also go into Paypal directly and fire over your order to us at dynamiteh(at)outlook(dotcom). It’ll be at your doorstep within a couple of weeks.


New show, recorded on a laptop on our day off from work, instead of enjoying the sunshine and outdoor large-motor skill activities. I’ve got new stuff for you: HOUSEHOLD’s new EP, for instance – or one song from it. Just came out. We’re on it! Other new things include stuff from Dreamsalon, Bikes, Veronica Falls, The Nots, Ausmuteants, Roachclip, The Clits and other bands with classy and tasteful names. Older items include sun-defying tracks from the likes of Shoes This High, Crime and XYX. The more I type about it the more I realize what a monster hour-long thing this is. You’d better get started!!

Download Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #27.
Subscribe to the show via iTunes.

Track listing:
AUSMUTEANTS – Daylight Robbery
HOUSEHOLD – Out of Reach
THE CLITS – Zoo Song
XYX – Pan de Muerto
ROACHCLIP – Appearing Ill
THE SHITTY LIMITS – Medication Time
SPIDER – Boozetown
THE NOTS – Dust Red
THE SLEAZE – Weird Truck
CRIME – Hot Wire My Heart (alternate version)
DREAMSALON – Now You Tell Me
SEX TIDE – Never Get To You
STEEL WOOL – Devil’s Night
BIKES – Ocean Penis
TALULAH GOSH – Spearmint Head
VERONICA FALLS – Need You Around
VENOM P. STINGER – Walking About

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The new HOUSEHOLD EP “Elaines” is out, and it’s very much in a league with their excellent past compositions, with with a slightly softer core than moves them a step away from, say, The Urinals and marginally more into Young Marble Giants/Marine Girls territory – while remaining very much their own thing.

They employ customer-friendly pricing, too – the whole 6-song thing can be downloaded for a mere 3 bucks here. There’s vinyl too.

Look for an interview with the band in the upcoming Dynamite Hemorrhage fanzine #1, which is nearly done and goes to the printer next week.


What’s going on with the Dynamite Hemorrhage fanzine #1, you ask? Oh, you didn’t know? Yeah, I’m working on a print fanzine that will come out in less than 2 months – wrapping up all writing, ads and such by 12/1, with layout and printing happening in December. There’s so much stuff in there I think we may top 60-70 pages, no joke. Some highlights:

  • An interview with Chris D. (Flesh Eaters, Slash Magazine, Upsetter Records etc.) on Los Angeles punk rock, circa 1977-80
  • The first comprehensive retrospective & posthumous interview with Sally Skull, amazingly raw all-female Scottish garage band 1994-98 (pictured above)
  • Interviews with current stellar bands Household and Sex Tide
  • An interview with Bona Dish, short-lived early 80s UK DIY band who’ve recently been unearthed
  • Lost female-fronted bands of the past three decades
  • A ton of record and book reviews
  • Advertisements from today’s hottest young record labels
  • more more more

Stay close for pre-ordering details if you’re interested. More info to be provided in this space shortly.