From the debut MONOSHOCK 45 “Primitive Zippo” from 1994, put out on my own Womb Records.

The Monoshock fellas were extremely accommodating to my layout/insert ideas, and allowed me to include the excellent “Foot Print of the American Chicken” bumper sticker that I copied from some book about the 60s I had lying around – as well as to flog my own fanzine.


I’ve been spending some time recently with San Francisco hippies, checking out the vibe of various 60s pre- and post-summer of love items that I wasn’t that familiar with.

A good intro, if you can wade past the filler, is the 4xCD compilation box set “Love Is The Song We Sing”. It was there that I discovered “Live Your Own Life” by FAMILY TREE, which I’d like to share with you today. Kick off your moccasins and let your freak flag fly.


From 1973, this 45 by French-speaking Canada’s MADELINE CHARTRAND is a hippie singalong global psychedelic lovefest of the highest order. We use the term “earworm” here pretty frequently, but since this song relies on repetition and chanting to snake its way into your cranium, it’s almost quasi-religious in its ability to get in your head and STAY there for a week at a time. Enjoy!