Second episode of our Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio podcast, featuring seventy minutes of 60s punk, moderne underground rock, hardcore, girl groups, weirdos of the past & more.

Feel free to actually download the thing as well right here.

If you missed the first edition of Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio, why, won’t don’t you download that one too?


I’m a big fan of the three “BEAT AT CINECITTA” compilations that came out in the late 90s. They are the work of obsessive Italian cinephiles and kitsch merchants, who’ve put together some incredibly groovy – there’s really no other word for it – sounds from 60s soundtracks of lost Italian schlock films. 

This track sits near the end of Volume 2, and is one of those big, horns-n-strings syrup-drippers we love so much here at the ‘Hemorrhage. It’s the theme song from 1966’s “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”, and it features accented English nearly as bad as Lana Del Rey’s. I think you’re gonna love it.


I’m a stone-cold sucker for wacky girl-group songs of the 50s/60s, particularly if there’s lots of whooping and hollering in the background, and especially if there’s a lone male in the mix doing a frog-voice vocal fry to make the proceedings even nuttier. Thus, “Low Grades and High Fever” by LINDA LAINE (WITH THE SINNERS) wins high marks across the board from me, as I’m sure it will from you.


HABIBI are a current handclappin’ girl group from Brooklyn who’ve put out a very fine 3-song single this year called “The Sweetest Talk”. It’s an infectious pile of lo-fi sugar, recorded on the cheap and with a sort of slyness & decidedly non-careerist approach that I applaud. All three songs are excellent, so do as Dynamite Hemorrhage did and spend your $2.97 to get the full-on digital download.