Episode 5 – Gerard Cosloy (Matador Records)

Others have called attention to this and I will too: it’s a nearly 2-hour interview w/ Gerard Cosloy about his process of “becoming a punk” (not his words), with some choice segments on the Boston Crew, “Choke”, the relative unpopularity of Mission of Burma before the farewell shows, obscure ‘core bands Vile and Last Rites, and more. There’s one with ‘lil Steve McDonald of Red Cross by the same host that I’ll probably listen to next.

Episode 5 – Gerard Cosloy (Matador Records)



There’s a subsection of our charter that dictates Fuckin’ Record Reviews has an obligation to stop what we’re doing and study Conflict every time a new edition gets issued, even if it’s in the form of an electronic button (which this is not, thankfully). We recommend you do the same.


the first issue since 2013’s badly received “comeback” edition. John Petkovic (Death Of Samantha, Cobra Verde, Sweet Apple) interview, record reviews, guest editorial by the intimidating Randy L.

Was just about to proclaim myself the first to reblog this new CONFLICT digital edition (first in a year!) when I, saw, of course, Fuckin’ Record Reviews already scooped us.



Gerard Cosloy’s 12XU label and distribution arm are distributing Dynamite Hemorrhage #1, and had these nice things to say about it in their online catalog:

Superdope’s Jay Hinman returns to the print zine wars to find almost all of his old contemporaries retired (ahem) and new hopefuls few & far between in the blog/tumblr era. So what better time to launch a smart, critically-minded, 68-page rock/literary zine as keenly focused on the crucial shit from days of yore as the quality happenings circa 2013/14? If have any idea how much it costs to print & ship this sort of thing, this time is almost certainly NOT NOW but full credit to Mr. Hinman for throwing caution to the wind and getting his hands very dirty just the same.



COSLOY YOUTH fanzine from Houston, TX, 1988. Ray Shea, one of the two movers behind this one, was a late 80s/early 90s DJ with me at KFJC. He was moderately embarrassed and blown away when I told him I had a copy of his fanzine.

The title refers, of course, to Conflict Magazine’s Gerard Cosloy, who also helmed Homestead Records at the time. Many, many ‘zines of the day emulated the man’s “cutting” prose stylings and encyclopedic knowledge of pretty much every band in the rocknroll underground.


Just got hipped to a new issue of Gerard Cosloy’s CONFLICT magazine, “first in 22 years”. Truly a “formative” magazine in my, uh, musical development and retardation. There was that spring break around 1986 where I borrowed Jackie Ockene’s huge stack of Conflict back issues and read them cover-to-cover at my parents’ house. Never looked back. Indie rock was on.

So I haven’t read Gerard’s latest, but I’m certain the snark will be off the charts, and the musical taste will be superlative. Click here to download Conflict’s first post-Information Superhighway edition.


This is a photo I took of THE DUST DEVILS live at CBGB in New York City, May 1993. They were opening for Claw Hammer, The Unsane and Rocket From The Crypt. That’s Matador Records head and Conflict editor Gerard Cosloy playing bass there on the right, which surprised the hell out of me when he stepped on stage. 

Dust Devils were awesome, by the way, but on the decline a bit….their 1991 show at the 6th Street Rendezvous in San Francisco floored me, but they were flattening out a bit by this time.


Just as San Francisco’s DWARVES were started to get some notice around the country for their mind-blowing, room-clearing 5-minute shows in the early 90s, Gerard Cosloy penned this piece in the Village Voice, which I’ve saved for over twenty years with the intention of sharing it with you on the internet today.