Dynamite Hemorrhage Fanzine

Dynamite Hemorrhage #3 is an 84-page music fanzine devoted to sub-underground music from the last five decades. Like the previous ones, this is an 8.5″x11″ MAGAZINE with a color cover and B&W insides. I put it out in May 2016, and I’ve still got copies for sale now for $5.99/each.

Order Dynamite Hemorrhage #3 fanzine here.

It features:

, as told through an interview with VUAS founder Phil Milstein.
Find out what it was like to lead the secret society of Velvets fiends
in the 1970s and how Milstein managed VUAS with the fans and with the
Velvet Underground members themselves.

– An epic, Homeric oral history of wiry & jagged 1980s San Francisco pop band WORLD OF POOH, as told by band members Barbara Manning, Brandan Kearney and Jay Paget themselves, as well as choice anecdotes from those who witnessed their rise, reign and collapse

– In-depth interviews with four of the finest acts making rock and
roll music in the year 2016: WHITE FENCE (Tim Presley); Portland, OR’s
; Oakland’s RAYS and Auckland’s THE COOLIES

– An interview with phenomenal lost folk singer SIBYLLE BAIER, whose
early 1970s recordings from Germany appeared a decade ago and stunned
the world. We found her & gave her the Dynamite Hemorrhage
once-over, and then went and interviewed & celebrated five of her
and MYRIAM GENDRON) as well as part of the piece

“BELOW THE FLYING NUN”, Gregor Kessler’s piece on some of the wildest and most obscure New Zealand 45s of the 1980s

– An interview with SARA FANCY, aka “Sara” from early 80s UK DIY acts
Sara Goes Pop and Amos & Sara. You’ll learn about her journey from
the squats of Europe to the bodybuilding competitions of the 90s to the
tranquil equine therapy practice she leads today. A fascinating glimpse
and first look back she’s given on her time spent making music with Jim
Welton (aka L Voag, Amos etc.)

– The first-ever posthumous interview with early 80s all-female
Belgian punk band UNIT 4, who surfaced on the “FM-BX Society Tape” in
1981 with four amazing songs of shimmering Kleenex/Delta 5/Au Pairs-ish

– David Perron’s “FREE FORM FREAKOUT” column of outside and experimental tape & LP releases from the last year

– Jay Hinman and Erika Elizabeth also wrote 82 record reviews devoted
to the nether regions of sub-underground rocknroll and elsewhere



Fordamning #10

FÖRDÄMNING fanzine #10, published by one M. Andersson out of Göteborg, Sweden, is now out and available for order here.

It’s one of my favorite modern ‘zines, partially because it mines such  deep-underground noise, experimental & abstract rock that I’ve truly never heard, nor heard of, 70+% of what’s covered here. And I like that – lots of limited-edition esoteric weirdness to contemplate trying to find, or at least try & stream somewhere online.

I’m not even much of a noise or soundscape listener – and yet Andersson’s a truly ear-to-the-ground chronicler of the cassette and CD-R underground, and makes me seek out the previously ignored. He throws it all together in a slapdash but eminently readable cut-n-paste style that really makes me want to ditch my own high-process fanzine style and go back to simple 6-page foldovers.

The new issue has a 1982 pic of The Fall on the cover; a waltz through the corners of the Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers catalog; an interview with a fella from the Pheromoans, reviews and more. Grab it here.