It’s going on three years old now, and lord knows what happened to this Brighton, UK band in the interim since they made their 2011 demo tape, but a great recent discovery for me (thanks Modraucous) are THE IRREPARABLES.

The band’s mix of Shaggs/Desperate Bicycles simplicity with some hot spit and vigor makes for a pretty intoxicating mix of DIY splatter, as you’ll no doubt hear on this track, “Digested System”.

Unlike my usual pattern, I happen to like the dude singer’s stuff far more than the woman’s. This time.


This 45 from a late 70s New York group called the HAND GRENADES has been fooling “punters” for years who mistook it for a British DIY record from the same era, myself included. When I found out these dudes were from “the Apple” I was incredulous. I guess I still am.

But here you go – a really great, lost-to-time stark and strange inepto-garage record from a band who have very pleasing elements of the Swell MapsWire and Steve Treatment. Enjoy!




Random punk/garage/artwave junk. 60s to 00s.

Art by Roland Topor.

1. The ModeratesYes To The Neutron Bomb (UK, 1980)
2. Star ClubHello New Punks (Japan, 1984)
3. RondosSyphilips (Netherlands, 1980)
4. FireworksMurdered Model (US, 1996)
5. RhinocerosYankees & Commies (?, 1985)
6. Helen KellerSurfin’ With Steve And E.D. Amin (US, 1980)
7. Kronstadt UprisingInvasion (UK, 1981)
8. RegulationsSex With Jesus (Sweden, 2005)
9. Special AffectsI Know Ah Girl (US, 1979)
10. ESGErase You (US, 1991)
11. Blank ItsMaster Intellectual (US, 2004)
12. LiimanarinaPiitles (Finland, 1989)
13. Null SetTimes Out (US, 1983)
14. The NaffisSlice Two (UK, 1979)
15. The MiceCrystal Silence (US, 1986)
16. The Last WordSleepy Hollow (US, 1966?)
17. SparksThe Decline And Fall Of Me (US, 1982)
18. Strangulated BeatoffsBroken Nose (US, 1990)

The best music mixologist on 8Tracks has another new whopper. This will be the soundtrack to my March 28th, 2013.


The one-woman, 1980 UK “band” THE PETTICOATS put our their/her only 45 on the Blah Blah Blah label, and it’s a masterpiece of frantic, buzzing DIY punk. Definitely something the fell below the radar for most of us for many years; I never even heard mention of the single until a little over a decade ago, when the song “Normal” made it onto a Killed By Death comp and a bootleg called “Instant Pop Classics”. 

Later, Times New Viking covered this one, “Allergy”, and I think it’s my favorite of the three mindblowers on Stef Petticoat’s single. Share this around with yr pals – they’ll thank you for it.