Brand-new edition of my Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio Show Podcast, edition #7. Recorded in late February 2013, and featuring all manner of underground rock music from 1966 to 2013.

Bands you will enjoy hearing include 100 Flowers, Murphy & The Mob, Clorox Girls, Veronica Falls, Spray Paint, White Fence, Burnt Ones, Rachel Sweet, The Dum Dum Girls, Pink Floyd and a whole bunch of others – interspersed with talking from a wild, wacky radio disc jockey!

You can download it here as well.


This song, “Motivation Complex”, is a stunning, reverse-chord DIY artpunk wonder from 1979 Texas that it pains me to only just be hearing for the first time this year. What a find. Farfisa, lo-fi surf chug, female vocals and just the hazy sort of off-base punk rock weirdness that we love over here at the ‘Hemorrhage.

These are in fact the same Delinquents who later made a record with Lester Bangs when he moved to Austin and drank himself to death.