Erika Elizabeth Made a Compilation For You

Just as she did for those of us who donated to WMUA this year because of her rad rocknroll show “Expressway to Your Skull”, disc jockey Erika Elizabeth made a “custom mix” of songs that she’s decided to not just share with donators, but with everyone. I asked her for a collection of female-fronted 90s punk/noise/pop, and I got what I asked for. 

I guess for some of those who said simply, “surprise me”, they got the all-covers mix “Reflect What You Are”. And now you get it as well. Maybe you should send her some money if you’re feeling guilty or if you’re a fan of the show like the rest of us in Dynamite Hemorrhage Nation are.

Erika Elizabeth Made a Compilation For You


VERONICA FALLS were selling a limited 6-song CD EP at their show on Tuesday called “SIX COVERS, VOL.2” – a no-pressure, lower-gloss quick run-through of six cover songs at the guitarist’s house. It’s really, really solid. While they apologetically downplay their preparation and practice in the brief liner notes, you won’t be able to tell, as everything sounds first-rate. 

This one’s (“Is Anybody There?”) a cover of Home Blitz covering Cock Sparrer (!). Other covers are of The LA’s, The Moles, The Rats, Ween and Bobby Dylan.