You familiar with a site/tablet app called ISSUU? Turns out it’s a place for folks like you to publish their fanzines in digital form (for free), and they’re already gathering a pretty great collection of musical chaos from the past and present. To wit:

  • Gerard Cosloy’s CONFLICT #54, published “in honor” of this past SXSW
  • All the issues of a fantastic New Zealand music fanzine from the mid-80s called GARAGE
  • This one pictured here called TOO MANY CREEPS
  • The first FLIPSIDE
  • a whole bunch more from all aspects of underground publishing

I’ve got a hankering that this is going to be a blossoming hub of uploading and digital page-flipping. I might even put my own mag up here so you can read it on your iPads and whatnot.



There’s a subsection of our charter that dictates Fuckin’ Record Reviews has an obligation to stop what we’re doing and study Conflict every time a new edition gets issued, even if it’s in the form of an electronic button (which this is not, thankfully). We recommend you do the same.


the first issue since 2013’s badly received “comeback” edition. John Petkovic (Death Of Samantha, Cobra Verde, Sweet Apple) interview, record reviews, guest editorial by the intimidating Randy L.

Was just about to proclaim myself the first to reblog this new CONFLICT digital edition (first in a year!) when I, saw, of course, Fuckin’ Record Reviews already scooped us.


Just got hipped to a new issue of Gerard Cosloy’s CONFLICT magazine, “first in 22 years”. Truly a “formative” magazine in my, uh, musical development and retardation. There was that spring break around 1986 where I borrowed Jackie Ockene’s huge stack of Conflict back issues and read them cover-to-cover at my parents’ house. Never looked back. Indie rock was on.

So I haven’t read Gerard’s latest, but I’m certain the snark will be off the charts, and the musical taste will be superlative. Click here to download Conflict’s first post-Information Superhighway edition.


Believe it or not, for a short period of time, WHITE ZOMBIE were an absolutely amazing molten mess of a band. They played on my radio show on KCSB-FM Santa Barbara in May 1988, and their live show in Los Angeles the next night – at the Alcohol Salad club in the heart of skid row – was at the time one of the loudest, wildest shows I’d ever seen. I wrote a remembrance of the band and their magic Southern California trip on my old blog Agony Shorthand, and you can read all that here.

Here they are on the cover of Gerard Cosloy’s CONFLICT fanzine from a little earlier than that.