Well, that wasn’t so difficult. I’ve created the first of what will hopefully a regular series of 60-minute “radio shows” under the DYNAMITE HEMORRHAGE brand name, and all things considered (like, I had zero idea how to use the GarageBand software I created this in last night even 24 hours ago), it turned out pretty much all right.


My aim with this thing is to create playlists of music that I like & that you wanna hear; you might just not know it yet. You’ll find clusters of music that slot loosely into underground pop; classic punk; weird psych/noise; 60s garage, pop and girls-in-the-garage; proto-punk; bedroom DIY recordings and even a little undie rock. 

I personally have not hosted a radio show in which I talk, “back announce” etc. in over 22 years – proving not only how ancient I am personally, but how rusty my on-mic skills are, which is all too apparent in this first radio show/podcast. You’ll even hear the local dogs barking in the neighbor’s backyard during one segment. My goal is to keep these to a digestible hour in length when I make them, and to not worry so much about flubs & various vocal tics and bad habits that make up my radio persona. In other words, the first take will always be the only take, and I’ll try to do better next show, OK?

With that in mind, let me state for the record that the band Bette Davis & The Balconettes were a late 90s band, not a late 80s act as claimed on Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #1.

Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #1 Tracks:

Rondelles – Indication

Hank Wood and the Hammerheads– It’s Murder

King Tuff – Bad Thing

Tea Cozies – Muchos Dracula

Red Cross – Tatum O’Tot and The Fried Vegetables

Desperate Bicycles – Handlebars

Pups – P.E.I.

Sally Skull – Mean Woman

The Yummy Fur – Car Park

Feral Beat – Canned Heat

Bette Davis and the Balconettes – 0898

Constant Mongrel – Reflex

XYX – Tal

Spray Paint – Pro Knife

The Lamps – An Irrational Fear of Sailors

White Fence – Swagger Vets & Double Moon

Pink Floyd – Candy and a Currant Bun

The Minders – Right as Rain

Times New Viking – Y2K2

Chapter 24 – Spindle

Freelove Fenner – Vicky’s Day

Drop me a line at thejayhinman(at)gmail(dot com) if you’ve got any feedback, suggestions, corrections or pure, unadulterated hate – and enjoy….!


I’m still charmed and chastened by the amount of really fantastic music that comes out every month. You’d think the fount of rock and pop music would have run totally bone dry by now, right? You’d be wrong. Here are 21 modern assertions to the contrary, put together by me, for you, and available to listen on 8Tracks via your computer or mobile telephone. Just about everything came out in 2012, with maybe a song or two that I discovered in the past few months that came out a little earlier. You’re cool with that, I’m hoping.

Take a listen to “DISCONNECT YOURSELF” right here and let me know how much it’s enriching your life.

Track list:

1.     CRASH NORMAL – Moon Food
2.     USELESS EATERS – Daft Love
3.     SWEARIN’ – Hundreds & Thousands
5.     CHAPTER 24 – Spindle
6.     THE BLACK LIPS – Raw Meat
7.     HABIBI – Sweetest Talk
8.     PSYCHIC FELINE – White Walls
9.     THEE OH SEES – Flood’s New Light
11.   PAMELA – Coffin (Nails)
12.   APACHE DROPOUT – Archie’s Army
13.   JOYRIDE! – Person Place or Thing
14.   TERRY MALTS – Disconnect
15.   DEAD ANGLE – Why Don’t You
16.   PARQUET COURTS – Borrowed Time
17.   SIGHTLINES – Beautiful Girl
18.   WHITE FENCE – Growing Faith
19.   FLOWERS – Cut & Run
20.   USELESS EATERS – Year 11
21.   WEED HOUNDS – Beach Bummed


Dynamite Hemorrhage wants you to get your spastic groove on vis-a-vis the currently active, London-based band CHAPTER 24. Their latest 45 on Odd Box Records, “Spindle/4454”, is a frantic, speedy shard of postpunk & is the best thing we’ve heard from them (there were two very good singles before this one as well).