BULL TONGUE REVIEW, true to their mission, has actually published a clockwork four print issues now on a quarterly basis. Fantastic stuff.

#4 just arrived in the mail two days ago, and I’ve only had time to tackle the Coley/Moore opening salvo of highly obscure records, chapbooks, tapes & proper books. “Exploring all known undergrounds” – no kidding. I’ll admit a fair bit of jealousy toward those who’ve got the time and the gumption to do this much exploring, but hey, I’ll settle for late to the party – as long as I’m allowed at the party in the first place.

So far, upon finishing the first three issues I’ve found myself better-versed in the far-reaching sub-underground than I was a few hours previous, and often more than a little frustrated with some of the contributors. You’ve got certain people throwing up stream-of-thought wordplay and unrepressed societal dislocation on the most inane topics imaginable, and it’s all I can do to not want to mail a dictionary, a Xanax and a copy of “How To Win Friends and Influence People” to a select few of them. It might make for infuriating reading at times, but Bull Tongue Review seems to have been hatched from the same ur-brain that the late 60s underground papers & broadsheets were, and I try to read each issue in that spirit.

Moreover, in addition to Byron Coley’s multi-page review-spew introduction, there are phenomenal arbiters of culture each month like Tom Lax, Erika Elizabeth, Suzy Rust, Brian Turner, Chris D., Alex Behr, Marc Masters, Phil Milstein, Donna Lethal and many more of my all-time heroes. I truly wasn’t sure if it would make it past issue #1 or #2 – my thing sure didn’t – but here we are with one of analog culture’s most consistently mind-scrambling cultural treasures.

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