Remember all the way back to last week, when we told you about Seattle’s ZEBRA HUNT and their free-to-download 7"EP on Bandcamp, and how it was a loud jangler of Byrds/Verlaines/Clean-like proportions, and how you probably needed to get over there and grab it before they took away the privilege? Here’s another track from it to help seal the deal.


You know how many bands aren’t particularly talented? This isn’t one of them. Seattle’s ZEBRA HUNT are a new trio with a big chunk of leg stuck in the harmonic mire of 1980s New Zealand (Verlaines in particular, with louder, more ringing guitar). There’s a little Byrds action and more rickenbackers than you can shake a clump of flowers at. 

Download their EP for free over on their Bandcamp page – it’s good.