It’s going on three years old now, and lord knows what happened to this Brighton, UK band in the interim since they made their 2011 demo tape, but a great recent discovery for me (thanks Modraucous) are THE IRREPARABLES.

The band’s mix of Shaggs/Desperate Bicycles simplicity with some hot spit and vigor makes for a pretty intoxicating mix of DIY splatter, as you’ll no doubt hear on this track, “Digested System”.

Unlike my usual pattern, I happen to like the dude singer’s stuff far more than the woman’s. This time.


I get the sense that London and Brighton in the UK are starting to burst with all manner of edgy, raw, female-fronted groups right now (Skinny Girl Diet, Frau, Good Throb, the on-hiatus Edible Arrangements) – at least in comparison w/ recent years.

SLUM OF LEGS, who have only a mere 3-song Bandcamp demo to their name, are one of the best I’ve heard and a contender for most-likely-to in the 2014 vinyl/mp3 prizewinning sweepstakes. The vocalist has a terrific cocky, confident swagger about her, and they throw together some great couplets that make a fella wanna sit down and have a good think about his place in the patriarchy. It doesn’t hurt that the ringing, repetitive and raw music trickles down from the great UK DIY-scrape lineage that started in the late 70s and took many detours to our present day without ever totally flickering.

And they have a phenomenal theme song, which you can listen to by pressing the sideways triangle above.