The new issue of DYNAMITE HEMORRHAGE (#3) print fanzine features a 12.5-page “oral history” with San Francisco’s WORLD OF POOH, a big late 80s favorite of our editor, and who each graciously contributed fragments from their fading memory banks in the service of telling what ended up being a pretty fantastically entertaining tale.

The band also have graciously contributed two never-before-heard-in-public live tracks from one of their final shows, one talked about at length in the oral history, from March 11, 1990′s show at Boston’s Paradise Theater on their star-crossed “three-legged goat over the mountains” tour.

You’ll get to hear, with some degree of accuracy, what made them so special at the end of their reign (which happened to be when I saw them a bunch). The songs are “Somewhere Soon“ and a cover of BoC’s “Dominance and Submission”.

Grab them here – and grab Dynamite Hemorrhage #3 here if you’re so inclined.



Rare photograph of San Francisco’s WORLD OF POOH, featuring Barbara Manning and Jay Paget – both pictured – as well as Brandan Kearney, who isn’t.

Photo taken by Alex Behr in what was most certainly 1989 or 1990.

We have an oral history in the works with the full participation of all 3 WORLD OF POOH members (and Alex Behr, and about a half-dozen others) for Dynamite Hemorrhage fanzine #3, coming in late May 2016. Transcribing a revealing and detailed interview we did with Barbara Manning today, in fact.


NOTHING DOING, Issue #1 from Spring 1994. It wasn’t a music fanzine per se – in fact it wasn’t one at all. It was published out of San Francisco by Brandan Kearney, who was doing time in Caroliner, The Steeple Snakes, Faxed Head, the Heavenly Ten Stems, The Three Doctors Band and the Totem Pole of Losers. He ran a label called Nuf Sed that put much of this out.

He was even in one good band – a great one, in fact – called World of Pooh, the only band on the list not given to high concept, low return….and the only one in which real meant-to-be-enjoyed songs were written and played. He shared vocal and guitar duties in that band with Barbara Manning, and I hope you know about her. (If not, there’s a terrific discography to mine).

Anyway, Kearney had a pretty unique and wacked vision of the world, informed by weird religious tracts, thrift store records, conspiracy theories and extreme and ahead-of-its-time notions of anti-comedy. NOTHING DOING was the result of that, and it’s definitely worth a read in my house every 5 years or so.


MONOSHOCK, from a second reunion show this past month, up in Portland, OR at something called The Bender Festival or something like that.

Brandan Kearney, formerly of World of Pooh, Caroliner, The Steeple Snakes, Faxed Head, The Three Doctors Band and many more, is playing sax w/ the band here. What? How?