Those of you who may have listened to the most recent Dynamite Hemorrhage podcast (#20) might have heard me yammer on about this fanzine project I’m doing – a print version of this blog/podcast, slated to be completed at the end of 2013 or early 2014. I’d had this vague idea of trying to contact CLOTHILDE, the greatest of the great 60s yéye French pop singers, since a new reissue of her complete works has recently come out (it’s fantastic, of course, but if you’ve heard even one of her songs you knew that).

Turns out there’s no need. Both she and her svengali, Germinal Tenas, pictured here, are interviewed in the booklet that comes with the CD, and it’s a hoot. She’s pissed! 46 years later, she’s still in a huff about her brief career and is both hostile to herself and to the system that surrounded her.

The good news is that it’s reprinted in its entirety here. It bursts my bubble a little bit about the demure, lovely singer Clothilde, but that’s almost better – she  is portrayed as more of an impetuous, tantrum-throwing 60s radical Frenchwoman. Isabelle Huppert would do a terrific job playing her in the Clothilde movie. Someone get on that, OK?


Check out this absolutely demented 1961 rockabilly punk from France, right up there with Morty Shann & The Morticians, King Usniewicz, Hasil Adkins and Mad Mike & The Maniacs for raw, stupid, early 60s trash fun. They were called LES BLOUSONS NOIRS and released 2 four-song EPs that have thankfully been collected into one CD. Their English was atrocious and only adds to the genius of this thing.

The eight tracks blow by in about 20 minutes, and everyone of them will test the patience of everyone around you. You, of course, will be getting up offa that thing and onto the good foot.