Australia’s B-SIDE fanzine, issue #19 from 1987. That was the year that Australian Radio Birdman-style rawk was huge among a certain kind of record accumulator/nerd….like me.

Cosmic Psychos, Hard-Ons, Celibate Rifles, Reptiles at Dawn, Seminal Rats – I loved that stuff. Sold just about all of it with zero regrets within a decade.


How about another great new band from Australia? This time it’s THE CLITS, who, contrary to their name and cover art, are not a intense, totally rad, sex-obsessed femme-punk band, but rather an excellent laconic, shambling, lo-fidelity pop band (with a dude singer) who made four pretty goddamn great songs on their debut EP.

You can listen by clicking the button, and you can buy it here.


One of the best spazzy, detuned garage punk songs of the past year is by Sydney, Australia’s RAW PRAWN, and it’s called “None Left”, and you get to listen to it here.

Download my Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio podcast #12, and you’ll not only get to hear the song there, you’ll get to hear me say the band’s name in Australian as well.