If you’re paying attention even a little bit, there really still is just too much great rocknroll music pouring out of basements and dark clubs worldwide to stuff into a 60-minute phony radio show every two weeks – yet I do try. The list of things I wanted to play is longer than the list of things I played, but I guess that’s what happens when you shoehorn in a nine-minute, feedback-laden track off of a Velvet Underground bootleg – and expect people to listen. You’ll listen, won’t you?

DYNAMITE HEMORRHAGE RADIO #34 has got some absolute gnarl from modern bands like SEX TIDE (new track!), VELO, THE FIREWORKS and THE IN OUT. Would you believe DEATH OF SAMANTHA and ANIMALS & MEN are still with us, and have first-rate new recordings being played here? How about some brand new guitar bending from the misanthropic ALVARIUS B? Or some perfect new pop from Dunedin, New Zealand’s TRICK MAMMOTH?

I even headed into the library for “deep cuts” from The Weirdos, Salvation Army, Spider and the Webs, Division Four and more. Listen up and maybe come over to iTunes and give it nice plug, hows about?

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Track listing:
SEX TIDE – I Want To Die
THE LA DE DAs – How Is The Air Up There?
SALVATION ARMY – She Turns To Flowers
FLESH EATERS – Agony Shorthand
THE WEIRDOS – Scream Baby Scream (1977 demo)
THE FIREWORKS – Getting Nowhere Fast
COACHWHIPS – Body and Brains
DIVISION FOUR – Doctor’s Wife
VELO – Out
TRICK MAMMOTH – Delphine (With a Purpose)
BELLE & SEBASTIAN – Lazy Line Painter Jane
THE VELVET UNDERGROUND – Run Run Run (live 1969, Hilltop Pop Festival)
ALVARIUS B – Yeah Well, Oyster Shells
GIBSON BROS – Broke Down Engine
THE IN OUT – The Stupidity

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It’s not easy curating a definitive selection of the best sub-underground, late 70s UK 45s and comp tracks from the heyday of do-it-yourself record making, but I’ve put together a start. I’ve culled my newest 8Tracks mix, “SUB-UNDERGROUND UK DIY” from multiple sources: the “Instant Pop Classics” comps, various internet downloads, “Messthetics” and my own collection. Just like the compilation I posted yesterday of female-fronted riot grrl/garage punk, it’s available right now to listen to on computers, smartphones and tablets. 

Outside of the fairly-well-known (such as it is) DIY pioneers like The Desperate Bicycles and Animals & Men, most acts on here are ultra-obscure and maybe only lasted for one 45 or a couple of compilation tracks, sometimes only on cassette. 23 tracks in all. Most given to that tinny, experimental, slipshod and faraway sound that characterizes the best of the best of this posthumously-defined genre.

Come listen to "SUB-UNDERGROUND UK DIY" here.


  1. DESPERATE BICYCLES – Smokescreen
  2. ANIMALS & MEN – Don’t Misbehave In The New Age
  3. MIDNIGHT CIRCUS – The Hedonist Jive
  4. I JOG & THE TRACKSUITS – Redbox
  5. DEVIL DYKES – Fruitless
  6. BEYOND THE IMPLODE – Lassitude
  7. STEVE TREATMENT – Danger Zone
  8. METROPAK – OK Let’s Go
  9. SCISSOR FITS – I Don’t Want To Work For British Airways
  10. BONA DISH – Mutation
  11. DESPERATE BICYCLES – The Medium Was Tedium
  12. ANOREXIA – I’m a Square
  13. DANNY & THE DRESSMAKERS – Don’t Make Another Bass Guitar Mr. Rickenbacker
  14. THE PETTICOATS – Normal
  15. REFLECTIONS – 4 Countries
  16. SCRITTI POLITTI – Is & Ought The Western World
  17. SUBVERSE – Chance Romance
  18. TRONICS – Shark Fucks
  19. BEARZ – She’s My Girl
  20. ANOREXIA – Pets
  21. BASE – One Way Girl
  22. GERRY & THE HOLOGRAMS – Gerry & The Holograms
  23. WAVIS O’SHAVE – Mauve Shoes Are Awful