Dynamite Hemorrhage fanzine #1 is now available for sale at these fine San Francisco Bay Area retail establishments:

San Francisco



Please patronize these heroes of commerce if you happen to be in the area, whether you’re buying a magazine or not. If you’d rather order DH #1 online, that’s fine too – get the print version here and the tablet/desktop version here.


I pulled in quite an ethnic music haul at Amoeba Music in San Francisco today. It’s probably the most I’ve spent in a single day on music in at least five years – thankfully mostly on credit.

While shopping at Amoeba I realized I was witnessing the store’s death rattle, which was unsurprising yet caught me a little off guard (examples: about 40 people in the enormous store on a Saturday afternoon; CD buy backs at about 25-50 cents a pop; no lines; diminished stock on just about everything; new reduced store hours (closing at 8 every night on a very high-trafficked street). I’ll write some more about that next week on my other music/film/literature blog The Hedonist Jive.