Detroit’s ROACHCLIP are among our favorite baffling, fidelity-compromised, murky DIY pop bands going, and after last year’s excellent “Discovery Park” 45, they’ve deigned to return the gift with a new 45 on Quemada Records.

Quemada say it best on their write-up:

Quemada is happy to announce the release of a new single from Detroit’s Roachclip.-the long awaited follow up to their excellent first LP, Discovery Park of last year. On this seven inch the ‘clip have retreated back into the murky garage from whence they were conceived and deliver two sides of primo paranoid psych rock. Imagine Kim Fowley and Bill Direen working out their bad vibes over an old Tascam in a mid-western basement.  The flip pours on some sugar, albeit thick and syrupy-just like we like it.

This song is, in fact, that flip – it’s called “Cast of Clowns”, and if you press the triangle button, it sounds like this.


I mistakenly kept calling this band “The Moles” on the latest Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio podcast, only to digital correct the historical record at the 11th hour. MOLE HOUSE are a Detroit-area band affiliated with the All Gone Records family, a collective that’s pushing out some of the best compromised-fidelity, devil-may-care, folk/avant-punk weirdo recordings on the planet right now.

This one comes from a tape of their bands – many of whom rotate through other All Gone bands – called “Worker’s Comp”. I think you’re going to like it.