I made a compilation for you over on 8Tracks called Authority Complex: Dynamite Hemorrhage’s Best of 2015 by DynamiteHemorrhage.

It stays in the vein that the podcast has mostly mined: raw, sub-underground rock music of a lo-fidelity or otherwise challenged bent. 18 tracks, all available to stream right now over here.

Track listing:

THE COOLIES – Scorpio 10
HONEY RADAR – Niacin Man
CCTV – Paranoia
LITHICS – Lizard
RAW PONY – Bo Diddley
RAYS – Model or You?
MANSION – Fleshed Out
CALAMARI GIRLS – All The Celbrities
BENT – Skeleton Man
LIME CRUSH – Graveyard
URANIUM CLUB – The Collector
ERASE ERRATA – History of Handclaps
PSYCHIC SOVIETS – Authority Complex
POLIO CLUB – Light as a Feather
PARKAY QUARTS – Pretty Machines


I made a new mix you might be interested in listening to on 8Tracks. It’s a smorgasbord of 17 tracks from the first 7 months of 2014, all favorites here at the DH home offices.

Track listing:

  1. THE NOTS – Fix
  2. ROACHCLIP – Cast of Clowns
  3. CCTV – Mind Control
  4. THE COOLIES – God Take Me
  5. PANG – Relax
  6. PROPER ORNAMENTS – Step Into The Cold
  7. MEN OH PAUSE – Concrete Woman
  8. PIECE WAR – Call On Me
  10. DARK MATTER – Dark Matter
  11. APACHE DROPOUT – Heavy Window
  12. WET BLANKETS – TV Suicide
  13. GOOD THROB – Double White Denim
  14. USELESS EATERS – Dungeon
  15. WOLF GIRL – Good for Nothing
  16. EASTLINK – What a Silly Day (Australia Day)
  17. TRICK MAMMOTH – Week End

Stream Cast of Clowns by DynamiteHemorrhage.


Brain-Erasing Dub, Volume 1 by DynamiteHemorrhage.

I’ve made a mix for you of some of the heaviest, most tripped-out brain erasers from my collection of 70s dub. It’s a passion that waxes and wanes for me, and is most definitely waxing right now. I made this one several years ago for myself, and am working on a second volume now.

You can stream it right now over on my 8Tracks page, along with 15 other mixes I’ve put together.


YOU’VE GOT THE RUNAROUND -Dynamite Hemorrhage’s Best of 2013

I made an online mixtape over at 8tracks of 28 of my favorite things that came out in 2013. If you’ve listened at all to the podcast we put together every couple of weeks, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve heard many of these righteous tunes, but you might wish to hear them again, right?

I think it’s fair to say that it was a “good year” for music, as years go. This mix is ample proof.

Listen to “You’ve Got The Runaround – Dynamite Hemorrhage’s Best of 2013”


I’ve made a new 8Tracks mix of some of the best rocknroll music from the past twelve months. I hope you’ll join me over there and listen to “REFLEX ON YOU”. It’s 17 of the most raw and exciting tracks from the year past, from wild sub-underground artpunk to garage noise to bent pop music. You’ll hear humdingers from Constant Mongrel, Priests and Spray Paint, among many others.

Track listing:

  2. PRIESTS – Radiation
  3. UV RACE – Life Park
  5. THE SLEAZE – Too Close To Home
  6. PARQUET COURTS – Smart Aleck Kid
  7. THE WIMPS – Hello Frustration
  8. SPRAY PAINT – Spock Fingers
  9. LANTERN – Strange Weather
  10. RAW PRAWN – None Left
  11. KELLY STOLTZ – Double Exposure
  12. PRISSY CLERKS – Death Wish
  13. WHITE FENCE – Trouble is Trouble Never Seen
  14. FREELOVE FENNER – Vicky’s Day
  15. COLLEEN GREEN – You’re So Cool
  16. BURNT ONES – Strawberry Tomb
  17. VERONICA FALLS – Timeless Melody

Stream the mix here – mobile or web is fine.




Random punk/garage/artwave junk. 60s to 00s.

Art by Roland Topor.

1. The ModeratesYes To The Neutron Bomb (UK, 1980)
2. Star ClubHello New Punks (Japan, 1984)
3. RondosSyphilips (Netherlands, 1980)
4. FireworksMurdered Model (US, 1996)
5. RhinocerosYankees & Commies (?, 1985)
6. Helen KellerSurfin’ With Steve And E.D. Amin (US, 1980)
7. Kronstadt UprisingInvasion (UK, 1981)
8. RegulationsSex With Jesus (Sweden, 2005)
9. Special AffectsI Know Ah Girl (US, 1979)
10. ESGErase You (US, 1991)
11. Blank ItsMaster Intellectual (US, 2004)
12. LiimanarinaPiitles (Finland, 1989)
13. Null SetTimes Out (US, 1983)
14. The NaffisSlice Two (UK, 1979)
15. The MiceCrystal Silence (US, 1986)
16. The Last WordSleepy Hollow (US, 1966?)
17. SparksThe Decline And Fall Of Me (US, 1982)
18. Strangulated BeatoffsBroken Nose (US, 1990)

The best music mixologist on 8Tracks has another new whopper. This will be the soundtrack to my March 28th, 2013.