Best reverential straight-up 60s punk of the 21st century? I’d find it hard to argue if you chose this new album from Richmond, VA’s THE AR-KAICS to fill that hole.

Their new and only album is terrific, a raw, overly amplified speaker blowout in the Keggs, Things To Come, Murphy & The Mob school of bent, loud garage pop music. I’m going to play it a bunch on my phony radio show/podcast, starting w/ the next episode. Download the whole thing yourself here.


I’d assumed I’d heard absolutely every top-tier, A+ 1960s garage punk song ever created. Sure, there are a few B+ ones out there I might not have heard yet – but jesusBUD & KATHY’s “Hang It Out To Dry”??! What a monster. A+ with bells on.

I’ve passed up the eponymous LP comp this is on for decades because I reckoned it was all C-grade material. Otherwise, I’d have already heard it, right? Wrong.


I’ve put together another digital mix tape for you over on 8Tracks. This one’s a collection of some of the more bruising 1960s garage-based punk rock, and I’m calling it STONEAGE TESTOSTERONE. 17 tracks, some taken from old bootleg vinyl comps in my collection, others from “Back From The Grave” CDs. All immensely killer, with a complete and utter dearth of filler.

Track list:

  1. SPLIT ENDS – Rich With Nothing
  2. LA-DE-DA’s – How Is The Air Up There?
  4. MYRCHENTS – Indefinite Inhibition
  5. THINGS TO COME – I’m Not Talkin’
  6. MURPHY & THE MOB – Born Loser
  7. SHAMES – My World is Upside Down
  8. AVENGERS – Be a Caveman
  9. ESQUIRES – Judgment Day
  10. PAUL BEARER & THE HEARSEMEN – I’m Been Thinking
  11. THE WYLD – Goin’ Places
  12. CAVE MEN – It’s Trash
  13. THE LYRICS – They Can’t Hurt Me
  14. THE SPIDERS – Don’t Blow Your Mind
  15. MONTELLS – You Can’t Make Me
  16. SAVOYS – Can It Be
  17. AMBERJACKS – Hey Eriq!

Listen in your car, if you’ve got one of those newfangled hookups, with the free 8Tracks app for iOS or Android as well. Along with Spotify, Soundcloud and Bandcamper, it’s a primary mechanism for how I explore new music in 2012.