New Mix from the “Wub Fur” Fellas

I’ve found out about some pretty good stuff lately from this crew, and their new mix of 2013 releases is both streamable and downloadable.



Shutdown Mix ’13

Dedicated to the gang from the (soon-to-be) late, lamented PUNK GUNK, GARAGE, PSYCH N WILD SHIT! Turntable.fm room. Twenty-one super-crunchy nuggets of the latest, y’know, punk gunk, garage, psych, ‘n’ wild shit, collected for yer listening pleasure by Wub-Fur Internet…

New Mix from the “Wub Fur” Fellas


Best reverential straight-up 60s punk of the 21st century? I’d find it hard to argue if you chose this new album from Richmond, VA’s THE AR-KAICS to fill that hole.

Their new and only album is terrific, a raw, overly amplified speaker blowout in the Keggs, Things To Come, Murphy & The Mob school of bent, loud garage pop music. I’m going to play it a bunch on my phony radio show/podcast, starting w/ the next episode. Download the whole thing yourself here.


You guys heard THE WIMPS yet? I’m pretty new to the cut of their jib, but I like what I hear. This song, “Slept In Late”, kicks off their debut LP “Repeat”.

Other parts of the record are more, uh, “angular” and have a wiry post-punk yet very snotty feel to them. Punkers. We love ‘em.