Derek Bostrom, who drummed and (as I’ve learned) originally sang for The Meat Puppets, uploaded a host of early 1980s demos of the band, some made even before they started getting proper gigs.

Not only will you hear feral early versions of “H-Elenore”, “Unpleasant”, “Blue Green God” and “In A Car”, they do a host of wild and surprising (and contemporary) covers that range from Vom’s “Punkmobile” to The Flesh Eaters’ “Sleeping Sickness” to Wire’s “Outdoor Miner”.

Check it all out here.


Polaroids of the MEAT PUPPETS, live in Phoenix 1980. This is when they were playing hardcore punk in such a wacked-out, wild fashion that it came across as pure mockery, and very often was. I heard them on the Maximum RocknRoll Radio show not long after this and thought it was the greatest band name I’d ever heard to date.

I promptly told my friends in middle school that I was “listenin’ to the Meat Puppets these days”, though the truth was I couldn’t handle them until at least 4 few years later.