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Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #92

We’re packed with new material this time around on Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio, including brain-benders from the likes of TAIWAN HOUSING PROJECT, SKIFTANDE ENHETER, MORDECAI, UV-TV, CAR, WURLD SERIES, BRAD POT, SARCASM and even the eternal WIRE.

I’ve also pulled a lovely rarity from the new Big Star “Complete Third” 3xCD box set by ALEX & LESA, along with other stupendous & choice cuts from BLOWDRYER, THE MISFITS, MUSIC MACHINE, NUMBERS (pictured), THE YUMMY FUR, EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS, GAUNT and many more. Give it your full attention and you shall be rewarded with much to talk about at the water cooler this week.

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Track listing:

SKIFTANDE ENHETER – Jag är så trött på dig
MORDECAI – Seeing In
SARCASM – Miasma
THE YUMMY FUR – Plastic Cowboy
CAR – Moral Decay
BLOWDRYER – Deprogrammed
WIRE – Short Elevated Period
UV-TV – You’re High
NUMBERS – Intercom
SISSY – Celebrity Womb
BRAD POT – Dipped in Batter
MISFITS – Spinal Remains
MOTARDS – Yo Heart Mexico
GAUNT – No Hope
THE SAINTS – Private Affair
TWINKEYZ – Little Joey
ALEX & LESA – I’m So Tired
SPLIT ENDS – Rich With Nothing
TAIWAN HOUSING PROJECT – Authentic Alien Perfume

Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio

Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #91

There’s only so much time one can spend fighting the oppressor, right? So I took the night off and made Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #91, an hour+ podcast of excitable and musically edifying women and men from across the sub-underground and who span the boundaries of time.

Loads of new stuff this time around: LEDA, AMYL & THE SNIFFERS, RAYS, BRAD POT, BRAIN DRAIN, SIDA, MARY BELL, SARCASM and even the Hattiesburg hitmakers who flat-out commanded me to listen to them, DUMSPELL (pictured).

I’ve also included many rich rewards from days of yore, from the likes of ALAN LICHT, the STRAPPING FIELDHANDS, THE USERS, HARRY PUSSY and THE IN OUT – and more. Download it, stream it, and play it at least 3-4 more times if you can.

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Track listing:

SIDA – Qu’Est-Ce Qui T’As Pris?
BRAD POT – Your Fault
AMYL & THE SNIFFERS – I’m Not a Loser
MARY BELL – Empty Puppet
LES POSTERS – Agree To Disagree
SARCASM – Machine War
ALAN LICHT – The Protocols of the Elders of Zion
HARRY PUSSY – Youth Problem
THE IN OUT – Club Blackout
THE LYRES – How Do You Know?
RAYS – Made of Shadows
THE USERS – I’m in Love With Today
SOME CHICKEN – New Religion
BRAIN DRAIN – Hands Tied

Music Reviews

The Lyres – “Lucky 7″ 7×7” box set

lucky-7The Lyres were one of my very first intros to “garage rock”, vis-a-vis their college radio hit “Help You Ann” around 1983. I heard them before I’d heard The Sonics, for what it’s worth. Yet I’m not being a deliberately-doubting Thomas when I say that this band always seemed to overindex with Europeans and Bostonians, leaving the rest of us to try and figure out why so many of their “soulful” garage/R&B songs were so goddamn tepid. This new Spanish box set of 45s attempts to help explain, and thankfully comes with a CD of all of the material for easier access to the conundrum.

Jeff Connolly of The Lyres (and howling late 70s rump-rockers DMZ before that) – the famed “Monoman” of yore – has always struck me as one those nutball characters with a definite early peak and a long, loooong stretched-out valley. (Some supporting character witness data can be found here).

I remember seeing him in a Newbury Street record store in Boston around 2000, and it was clear that he was aimlessly yammering to the clerks behind the counter while they barely half-listened, while also being clear that this was most assuredly not a unique event. People have also told me stories of seeing the late 80s/early 90s Lyres live, stories that involved on-stage fistfights, thrown drumstools and much drunken tomfoolery. I didn’t like them enough to pay to see them live. Perhaps I should have, for these antics alone.

Re: these 45s – there are some really good ones. The 1979 Ace of Hearts Sounds Interesting debut “How Do You Know” is still a wonderful monaural masterpiece, steady and raw and quite restrained, but with an unending riff that is far more tightly-wound than any subsequent work. There’s an early live version (that sounds like a demo) recorded only a couple of weeks after they formed in ’79 as well. “Help You Ann” still sounds magnificent, as does “She Pays The Rent”. Some of the more overt Sonics-worship is OK. Most of it, especially as we crawl into the early 1990s and get into “We Sell Soul” and the garage/R&B boogie, is merely adequate, or not even that – but that’s OK; if you’re European, or hail from Boston (and only if you fit this demographic), this could still be the proverbial cat’s pajamas, and perhaps worth the $60+ clams you’ll need to shell out.

Music Reviews

Jon Irabagon, John Hegre & Nils Are Drønen: “Axis” LP/CD

irabagon-axisI’ve been venturing down a free jazz rabbit hole of my own making in recent weeks, which is something I’ve dabbled in occasionally over the past 25+ years but rarely with any regularity nor staying power. Just so happens that this exceptional new platter from Norwegian-American trio Irabagon, Hegre and Drønen arrived precisely when my receptors were most tuned to ingest it, and man, what a melting slab of intoxicating free wailing it is. I’ve given it the once-over several times now, and it reveals more with each playing. It’s feeding a true holy-grail quest for more recorded savagery from these guys on my part, though it’s pretty clear this is their first time recorded in this communal set-up.

We’re talking two tracks, one recorded in Berlin 2013 and the other in Fukuoka, Japan in early 2015. “Berlin” is a master burner that starts out quite slow, mournful and seemingly wholly structured, with true abrasiveness only starting to creep in around the sixth minute. Then, in the eighth minute a switch is flat-out flipped, and it all goes haywire. It’s free, squirting saxophone and rattling, scattered drum, all underpinned by Hegre’s soaring guitar, which sometimes functions as a rumbling near-bass, but more often as a building, tension-coiling backdrop that sounds less like guitar & much more like shimmering electronics.

It’s a pretty dizzying piece, clocking in at just under 18 minutes in full. “Fukuoka” is truly free throughout, but it admittedly takes a while to lift off. It’s cut through with loads of squeaks and plucks and sputtering, maintaining a moderate, minimal tone throughout with Irabagon’s sax bursting out painfully in spots. Ultimately, the thing transitions to an absolutely frantic final few minutes, with Drønen a total wild man on percussion, and the whole thing reeking of madness and amphetamines.

“Axis” is a super-flexible and boiling bit of free jazz skronkery that once again points to Norway as one of our planet’s improvisational ground zeroes. You can learn more about it and take a listen on Rune Grammofone’s site.


Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio

Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #90

This 90th time we’ve assembled together here at Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio, we’re taking a deeper interest in the music of CATE LE BON; we’re supplying listeners with new sounds from BRAIN DRAIN, WEAPON MAN, BLANK SQUARE, GEN POP, SIDA, DRINKS (pictured) and more; we’re indulging in a 70s Euro-glam detour; and we’re shelf-digging stuff out for you from ROYAL TRUX, AMOS & SARA, THE BONGOS and others.

Why not join dozens of other like-minded individuals around the world and spend a little time curling up w/ our latest hour-long episode?

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Track listing:

CATE LE BON – Rock Pool
GEN POP – The Wall
SIDA – Subject Awesome
ON ON ON – Chamoney
WEAPON MAN – Everybody is Shit
SUN BATHER – Waiting
PAMELA – I’m Nobody
BRAIN DRAIN – Norwood’s Disease
DRINKS – I Am a Miserable Pig
THE BONGOS – In The Congo
COASTING – Portland
CRUNCH – Let’s Do It Again
ANGEL – Little Boy Blue
MABEL – I’m Only Here to RocknRoll
BLANK SQUARE – Put a Lid on It
ROYAL TRUX – Incineration
AMOS AND SARA – Green is a Bad Colour
CATE LE BON – Aside From Growing Old

Live Reviews



I went to a reunion of “San Francisco’s first and only rock and roll band”, CRIME, over 12 years ago. This review, from my old Agony Shorthand blog, is the story of that night.

CRIME / SALEM LIGHTS / KILLER’S KISS, 10-1-04, Thee Parkside, San Francisco…..

My evening started at a high-society benefit/Q&A with “Curb Your Enthusiasm”’s LARRY DAVID, which I had to high-tail it from in order to find a way to crash the massive, big deal, ultra-secret-but-everyone’s-talking-about-it CRIME reunion show.

The Larry David thing was packed with black-clad matrons in pashmina wrap-arounds & 5-inch heels, former mayors, back-slapping titans of industry, and glistening glitterati as far as the eye could see. Obviously I was a tight fit with that crowd, my people. Storming the Crime thing right afterward, I found a great American (CO) had thankfully secured me a rare ticket, and that there were plenty to be had regardless.

Apparently they kept the reunion of San Francisco’s first and only rock and roll band a little too secret, but by the time the band got on there were a bunch of hooters & hollerers amped and ready for ‘77-style action. There was even a posse of awesome leather-clad, mirror-shaded Japanese hipsters right out of the Shinjuku underground & straight off the JAL flight from Tokyo, as there always seems to be whenever there’s a big “garage rock” festival in San Francisco. This was the kick-off night of a 3-day “Budget Rock” fiesta, so let’s quit the gawking and start talking about the rocking.

It was great to see KILLER’S KISS back up this year’s loud-ass 45 with an equally tough set. They’re probably the closest thing this coast has in spirit and approach to the REIGNING SOUND, but with a little more in the way of 60s-style growling & pummeling. One guitarist is all about propelling the song forward, the other about jarring feedback and screech, and there’s a anarchronistic female keyboardist pounding away to make herself heard above the racket. A fine way to get the eardrums in shape and my game face on.

I was really surprised by the SALEM LIGHTS, not simply because that was my Mom’s 1970s brand of choice. These guys reminded me of nothing so much as one of my drunk-era early 90s faves, THE HUMPERS, with a glammy Small Faces/Mott The Hoople overlay to big, bombastic, meaty hooks. Another blow-the-sockets rock band, one with one killer crunching song often another. I thoroughly enjoyed them with only a mere sheet to the wind, and in response to the inevitable question – were they simply a “middle band”? I say no way! I’m calling in my pint orders ahead of time next time these guys hit a local stage.

I’ve vacillated on my I-don’t-do-reunion-shows stance after seeing Mission of Burma a couple times, but after CRIME’s flat, lackluster set I’m thinking of clamping the lid back on. I figure these guys – these Crime guys – really don’t deserve a ritual flogging; I mean it was 2/4th of the godlike legends CRIME, right, and you have to throw out some big props just for trying to give it another go. But perhaps it never really dawned on me just what an outstanding guitar player the deceased-since-1996 FRANKIE FIX was, and how that patented ungodly wailing guitar sound was his & his alone. JOHNNY STRIKE, bless him, was and remains a competant rhythm guitarist, but you lose Fix’s incredible 3-second leads (leads that make tracks like, oh, say “Hot Wire My Heart”, unlike any punk or rock & roll band ever) and you lose a LOT.

Pat Ryan from the NUNS stood in tonight but it just wasn’t there. Was there really ever anything more to the Nuns than a beautiful girl, “Decadent Jew”, and friends in the right places? Maybe. I’m feeling generous. But when they tried to play “Hot Wire My Heart”, it was almost unrecognizable without that squealing guitar squirting out like molten toothpaste after every lyric.

They also did “Murder By Guitar” and “Piss On Your Dog”, and maybe another one from the olde days, but it appears this new Crime are going to give the reunion thing a real college try, and that this was the first of several shows to come. Thus, they’ve written a whole suite of new songs, none of which stuck out as particularly memorable nor annoying – songs that just sort of flopped around on the floor begging for attention.

And despite being lucky enough to share a stage with Johnny Strike and Hank Rank, whose hour this really should have been, the garrulous bass player kept bleating about We’re gonna” this and We are Crime” that. Dude. A little respect! I too once dreamt I’d be standing up on stage as Ron The Ripper, but in my sweat-bathed dream, I kept as quiet as a churchmouse and let the real warhorses bask in the glory they’d earned. So hey, call it first-night jitters or maybe the soft bigotry of high expectations. I truly applaud Johnny & Hank for getting out there on the rock campaign trail again, but I think I’ve seen what I needed to see of the 21st Century CRIME.