Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio

Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #186

Here’s a “special edition” episode of the program – 10 Parallel World Punk-Era 45s, all “singles” that should have existed as singles but never actually did. This is actually cribbed from a piece I wrote in Dynamite Hemorrhage fanzine #6 back in 2017, and while I should have turned that article into a podcast back then to help “strengthen the brand”, the idea only occured to me five years later, i.e. this week.

So if you pulled together some of the best punk-era compilation tracks, demos, album cuts etc. into a series of ten 7″ singles, that series might sound something like this. The punk era is very expansively defined as 1977-2000 for our purpose, and includes material by The Bags, Midnight Circus, The Screamers, 2x4s, Red Cross, 39 Clocks and more. We’ve even added bonus fake 45s from Saccharine Trust and the Flesh Eaters for this very special podcast version of the article.

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Track listing:

THE BAGS – We Will Bury You
THE BAGS – We Don’t Need The English
THE SCREAMERS – Vertigo (Let’s Go)
THE SCREAMERS – Matar Dolores
39 CLOCKS – Psycho Beat
39 CLOCKS – 78 Soldier Dead
BONA DISH – Challenge
PIRANHAS – Piranhas Attack
PIRANHAS – Dangerline
THE 2x4s – Zipperheads
THE 2x4s – Iron Line
CRIME – Terminal Boredom
CRIME – Dillinger’s Brain
RED CROSS – Notes and Chords Mean Nothing to Me
RED CROSS – Tatum O’Tot and the Fried Vegetables
MIDNIGHT CIRCUS – The Hedonist Jive
MIDNIGHT CIRCUS – Leather and Lace
MEAT PUPPETS – Unpleasant
MEAT PUPPETS – Teenager(s)
SACCHARINE TRUST – Hearts and Barbarians
SACCHARINE TRUST – Disillusion Fool
FLESH EATERS – The Word Goes Flesh

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