Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio

The State of the Hemorrhage

The State of the Hemorrhage remains strong, if a little quiet at this point. I’m very much enjoying being a consumer this summer – of books, film, music and culture – and less inclined to create podcasts & fanzines, at least at the moment. The Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio and Adult Listening podcasts have plenty of episodes to gobble up in a variety of places; Dynamite Hemorrhage fanzine #8 is still available for purchase here.

I’ve also finally made the break from virtually all social media that I’ve been threatening – to myself – for a long time. It’s wonderful. There’s no FOMO at all. There’s more time in the day to read & watch lost films on Criterion or Mubi and listen to music I’ve accumulated over 40 years. It was this book by Jenny Odell that did it for me, after years of consuming articles & treatises about the stupidity and vapidness of our age – many of which I found on social in the first place – and the effects of which I recognized in myself: the dopamine hits; the performative BS, and the innate need for a tribe. If GoodReads is social media; if Letterboxd is social media, then I’m still active on social – but otherwise – mostly no. It feels like the right time to be done.

Extremely excited to start seeing live music again and am already enjoying fraternizing with humans in public over adult beverages. That’s the State of the Hemorrhage – we’ll see what the coming months bring! Order a print magazine if you want!

One thought on “The State of the Hemorrhage

  1. Sir, you deserve a well earned rest. I too have come off Twitter and Instagram: it has been liberating.


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