Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio

Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #165

Back with some yuletide and Hanukkah quarantine jamz for you to shelter in place to, this time with new stuff and reissues from THE GORLS (pictured), KNEELING IN PISS, THE GORDONS, NICK & THE NOD, SNOOPER and JASON HENN – plus a few randos ranging from 1/2 Japanese to Pussy Galore to Graham Jeffries to Alastair Galbraith.

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Track listing:

KNEELING IN PISS – Winston Hightower
THE GORLS – Planet Vator
THE PRATS – Poxy Pop Groups
½ JAPANESE – Hey Laurie
PETTY CRIME – Mathematics
LITTLE CLAW – Brackish Stratum
THE GORDONS – Future Shock
SPIDER – Boozetown
VENOM P. STINGER – Inside The Waiting Room
SNOOPER – Defect
SCHUND – Fasching Ostern Weihnachten
THE FLESH EATERS – Hard Road To Follow
JASON HENN – Davy Jones – Situationist
JULY – My Clown
ROACHCLIP – Man in the Field
GRAEME JEFFERIES – Prisoner of a Single Passion
NICK & THE NOD – New Content

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