Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio

Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio – Solo Guitar Special Edition

This is a special 65 minutes of solo acoustic guitarists from around the world, with all of them barring one being new & active 21st-century players. Not the usual Dynamite Hemorrhage program, and that’s why it’s a “special edition”. You’ll hear guitar geniuses like NICK JONAH DAVIS (pictured), GWENIFER RAYMOND, JULIAN LEDRU, MATTHEW J. ROLIN and others, playing the deep American primitive jams we associate with Fahey, Basho, Rose and an entire fretboard lineage descended from pre-WWII blues.

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Track listing:

MATTHEW J ROLIN – One Day I Will Be Free
JAKUB SIMANSKY – Enfant Terrible Death Ride
JOHNNY YOUNG – Bayberry Family Blues
NICK JONAH DAVIS – The Peacock Dance
WILL CSORBA – Time Was Like Water (And I Was The Sea)
NATHAN SALSBERG – Impossible Air
JACK ROSE – Rappahanock River Rag (for William Moore)
JIM O’ROURKE – There’s Hell in Hello, But More in Goodbye
LORNA ROWE – Logan Pass

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