Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio

Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #154

We’re all still at home and in need of some musical succor. I have what I believe is exactly what you need at this moment. Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #154 is full of exceptionally comforting music from the likes of SAM ESH & HARD BLACK THING, GEN POP, GALORE, MOSQUITOES, XV, THE EAT, CLONE DEFECTS, RED CROSS, ALMOND, BIG STICK and many more. It will just make you feel good – and maybe even help ya shake a tail feather to boot!

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Track listing:

GEN POP – Winding
ALMOND – Tokmak
XV – Starting Over / Please Stop Talking
MIKE REP & THE QUOTAS – Rocket Music On
BIG STICK – Drag Racing
MOSQUITOES – Minus Object Five
CLONE DEFECTS – Low Fashion Lovers
CELLS – Cop Fornication
RED CROSS – Solid Gold (demo)
BUZZCOCKS – Lester Sands (A Drop in the Ocean)
THE COACHWHIPS – Couldn’t Find Love
OKSUN OX – Holty
BROWN VELVET COUCH – Once in a Blue Moon
BLANK STATEMENTS – Building a Ramp
FAKE NUDES – Sister Rain
GALORE – Cucaracha
SPARROW STEEPLE – Girl in the Whispering Wood
SAM ESH & HARD BLACK THING – Northsoutheastwest

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