Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio

Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #150 – Big Hits Only

For the sesquicentennial (e.g. 150th) episode of Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio, it’s big hits only…..the first and perhaps the only time we’ll put together a “greatest hits” edition. The conceit is 30 songs, five from each of the last six decades, that represent the essence, the fulcrum, the je ne sais quoi of whatever it is this podcast has been since it started 150 episodes ago in late 2012.

Are these the thirty greatest songs of all time? Probably not. Are they about to be thirty of your all-time favorites, once you hear ’em again and remember what BIG HITS they are? Absolutely.

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Track listing:

5 from 1960s

  • TWILIGHTERS – Nothing Can Bring Me Down
  • VELVET UNDERGROUND – White Light / White Heat
  • PINK FLOYD – See Emily Play
  • MURPHY & THE MOB – Born Loser
  • CLOTHILDE – Fallait pas écraser la queue du chat

5 from 1970s

  • ROXY MUSIC – Virginia Plain
  • PERE UBU – Heart of Darkness
  • DESPERATE BICYCLES – The Medium Was Tedium
  • ELECTRIC EELS – Agitated
  • WIRE – Outdoor Miner

5 from 1980s

  • MEAT PUPPETS – In a Car
  • FLESH EATERS – Pony Dress
  • PUSSY GALORE – Spin Out
  • THE FALL – Middle Mass
  • THE PIN GROUP – Coat

5 from 1990s

  • COME – Dead Molly
  • THE GORIES – Telepathic
  • THE TERMINALS – Do The Void
  • GUIDED BY VOICES – Motor Away
  • ROYAL TRUX – Red Tiger

5 from 2000s

  • XYX – Anel & Her Problem
  • A-FRAMES – Hostage Crisis
  • TIMES NEW VIKING – Devo & Wine
  • PIRANHAS – Piranhas Attack
  • GRASS WIDOW – Tattoo

5 from 2010s

  • SPRAY PAINT – Pro Knife
  • HONEY RADAR – Postcard Target
  • THE SHIFTERS – Creggan Shops
  • WHITE FENCE – Growing Faith
  • MAXINE FUNKE – Second Hand Store

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