Mission Accomplished

Dynamite Hemorrhage fanzinesThis is the final post in a 7-year odyssey called Dynamite Hemorrhage. Since 2012, I’ve pumped out 134 podcast episodes under that name to go along with 6 print fanzines. It was a good way to serve as a curator & a means to hasten my own music obsessions. There’s no other reason to stop other than to say “my work here is done”, and to give me a chance to shift my role in the scene to passive participant and listener, rather than semi-active pretend tastemaker. Seems like the right time after seven years. I’m sure I’ll find some other means to contribute to the deification of the sub-underground down the line somewhere.

So with that, let me direct you to some things. First, there are still copies of the fanzine available to order:

Order Dynamite Hemorrhage fanzine here.

The issues that are sold out can be downloaded as PDFs and read online here.

Secondly, there’s a big archive of podcast episodes available on Mixcloud here, on Spotify here, and on iTunes here. I don’t know if they stay up there forever if I stop dealing them out, but they’re there as of this writing, and I expect them to stay there awhile.

While we’re at it, I sell records on Discogs over here. I sometimes sell old fanzines and other music-related items on eBay over here. I have a blog of occasional writings called The Word Goes Flesh that you can read right here. Most of those are also on my Medium page.

Thanks to anyone and everyone who bought a magazine, downloaded or streamed an episode or dropped me a line. I’ll update this post if and when I surface on the interweb with new content of some kind. Until then, I’m at dynamiteh(at)outlook(dotcom) if you want to get in touch.

— Jay Hinman, late March 2019

2 thoughts on “Mission Accomplished

  1. Oh come on. I’m only finding your site for the very first time tonight. This all looks great. I missed your whole story arc and opus by, like, six days



  2. A truly sad day indeed. End of a mini epoch. Thanks for all of your passion, insights, humor and tireless unearthing of incredible undergarage music that would otherwise not hit my earballs. Without your Hemorrhage I might never have found Uranium Club, Rays, Sida, Crash Normal, Taiwan housing project, Preening, Andy Human, Lithics, and on and on and on . . .
    We’ll be patiently waiting right here for the resurrection, reincarnation, recombobulation, or whatever next form your genius and inspiration decides to take. Thank you Jay!


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