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CURRENT AFFAIRS – Breeding Feeling / Draw The Line 45

current affairsSiouxsie Sioux, is that you? Nah, I know it’s not because this is just too good to be the Banshees, who were great when they were awesome, and just awful the other 85% of the time. Current Affairs are a newish band from Glasgow, Scotland, and their debut is an utterly infectious double A-side that manages to thread the needle between 80s postpunk throwback/tribute & forward-looking, muscular throb.

Hey, I’ll take your Girls At Our Best! and see you one Current Affairs, who not only tack on some slashing garage punk trappings onto a watery goth framework, but have a singer (Joan Sweeney) who can moan out a bouncy tune as well as any heavy-lidded ice queen from the Thatcher years. The 45 comes housed in a lovely risograph sleeve in an edition of 320; don’t sleep on it or some Batcave DJ will drive up demand & you’ll be buying it off the wall at Vinyl Fetish in five years. (Not Unloved;

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