Dynamite Hemorrhage fanzine #4 – now available to download

Dynamite Hemorrhage 4 coverBack issues of Dynamite Hemorrhage fanzine have become awfully scarce all of sudden, with Dynamite Hemorrhage #1, #3 and now #4 having sold out. Thanks to those of you who ordered, sold or otherwise read them. #2 and the newest one, #5, are both available to purchase here.

I’m a big believer in keeping this stuff out there for those who might have missed out on physical copies, so here’s where you can go to read (and download a PDF of) Dynamite Hemorrhage #4.

This one featured zero ads and no contributors except for Jay this time. It also featured the following:

  • An interview with Julie Cooper of THE KIWI ANIMAL. She was one half of the 1980s New Zealand underground, independent folk duo, which also featured Brent Hayward (ex-Shoes This High) as the other half. Later expanded to a trio, their music ranks among the most sublime and creative sounds music of the era, and they continue to be criminally unrecognized, even by rabid aficionados of 80s Kiwi sounds.
  • THE SHIFTERS, Melbourne, Australia heroes of “alternative drunk pop jazzy ciggies neo-country jams”. We corralled them for an interview in an effort to get at the dark heart of their skiffle.
  • A record-by-record overview of HAPPY SQUID RECORDS, the label put together by John Talley-Jones of The Urinals in the late 1970s. It’s a look at their first ten years of existence, from The Urinals through 100 Flowers, Leaving Trains, Angst, God and the State and more. Even “The Rub”!
  • “100 45s That Moved Heaven and Earth” – the definitive argument-settling list of the best sub-underground rocknroll 45s of all time
  • “Free Jazz Libertines” column; 25+ record reviews and more (well, not really more – that was truly everything, honestly)

Download Dynamite Hemorrhage #4 here.

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