Dynamite Hemorrhage fanzine #1

Dynamite Hemorrhage 1 final coverI’d been missing from the print fanzine game for 15 years when I got a hankering to do one again in 2013. Originally Dynamite Hemorrhage was supposed to just be a Tumblr site; it then morphed into a podcast, and I had so much fun w/ that, I started writing again. I contacted Chris D. of the Flesh Eaters, and when he gave the green light for a interview about the pre-1980s early days of the band, I decided to go all-in for Dynamite Hemorrhage #1.

Now that I’ve finally sold out of that first 68-page issue from 2013, I’m making it available to anyone and everyone to download a full PDF of right here. (Issues #2 and #3 still very much available right here).

Thanks to Erika Elizabeth, who wrote half the record reviews for this one, and who was a huge impetus in not only helping me get it done but in getting me re-excited about modern music in the first place; to Sally Skull, Sex Tide, Household and Bona Dish for the other interviews; to Fuckin’ Record Reviews for a terrific piece on 1980s/90s fanzines; to Christine for the cover; and to anyone who advertised or bought this thing while it was around.

Download Dynamite Hemorrhage #1.

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