Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio

Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #93

Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #93 waxes and wanes across sub-underground genres like gauzy psych & glammy noise & gnarly punk & garagey pop. This episode brings new material to the table from SOMESURPRISES (pictured), RAYS, TAIWAN HOUSING PROJECT, PRIVATE ARMS, SKIFTANDE ENHETER, MORDECAI, THE WORMS and WURLD SERIES.

You’ll also be thrilled and delighted with ringers from DRY HEART, WHITE FENCE, WORLD OF POOH, CATE LEBON and other favorites who surf the sub-underground swells. Cowabunga, baby – your next hour’s going to be a rager.

Stream or download Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #93 on Soundcloud.

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Track listing:

RAYS – Back Downtown
WURLD SERIES – Landslide
WHITE FENCE – Trouble is Trouble Never Seen
THE MINDERS – Chatty Patty
WORLD OF POOH – Strip Club
THOMAS FUNCTION – Conspiracy of Praise
SOMESURPRISES – Mayor Skipped Town / Srs Dreams
AMATEUR HOUR – Black Belly of the Tarantula
DRY HEART – Meeting by the Moonlight Mill
MORDECAI – What Is Art
LESA – Til The End of the Day
THE WORMS – Bad Smell (demo)
FERAL BEAT – Canned Heat
MIKA MIKO – With My Ducks
UV-TV – Wasting Away
PRIVATE ARMS – Peculiar Fiction

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