Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio

Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #90

This 90th time we’ve assembled together here at Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio, we’re taking a deeper interest in the music of CATE LE BON; we’re supplying listeners with new sounds from BRAIN DRAIN, WEAPON MAN, BLANK SQUARE, GEN POP, SIDA, DRINKS (pictured) and more; we’re indulging in a 70s Euro-glam detour; and we’re shelf-digging stuff out for you from ROYAL TRUX, AMOS & SARA, THE BONGOS and others.

Why not join dozens of other like-minded individuals around the world and spend a little time curling up w/ our latest hour-long episode?

Download or stream Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #90 on Soundcloud.

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Track listing:

CATE LE BON – Rock Pool
GEN POP – The Wall
SIDA – Subject Awesome
ON ON ON – Chamoney
WEAPON MAN – Everybody is Shit
SUN BATHER – Waiting
PAMELA – I’m Nobody
BRAIN DRAIN – Norwood’s Disease
DRINKS – I Am a Miserable Pig
THE BONGOS – In The Congo
COASTING – Portland
CRUNCH – Let’s Do It Again
ANGEL – Little Boy Blue
MABEL – I’m Only Here to RocknRoll
BLANK SQUARE – Put a Lid on It
ROYAL TRUX – Incineration
AMOS AND SARA – Green is a Bad Colour
CATE LE BON – Aside From Growing Old

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