Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio

Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #82

While the political world burns, Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio can remain your sub-underground port in the storm. The 82nd edition of the show brings some top-drawer new material from GROWTH, VELO, CHOOK RACE, CCTV, LIQUIDS, TIM PRESLEY and NO SISTER, along with new archival material from DOW JONES & THE INDUSTRIALS, ZERO CRAG and even MR. SCIENCE himself (pictured).

I also found time to painstakingly flip and sort through my mp3 collection, and pulled up stuff for you by DESPERATE BICYCLES, THE FIX, ½ JAPANESE, GREEN ON RED, ART MUSEUMS and more. Take a peek at this playlist and then push whatever buttons you need to get this thing going into your ear canals.

Download Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #82 (and many past episodes) from iTunes.

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Track listing:

GROWTH – Amanda
DOW JONES & THE INDUSTRIALS – Ladies With Appliances
MR. SCIENCE – Sociobiology
MARK WYNN – Real Sausages Made By a Real Butcher
CCTV – God’s Will
LIQUIDS – Take the Bait
ANGRY SAMOANS – Are You A Square
THE WHITEFRONTS – Get Out of the House or I’m Calling The Cops
TIM PRESLEY – Can You Blame
ART MUSEUMS – Dancing With a Hole in Your Heart
CHOOK RACE – Sun in Eyes
GREEN ON RED – Illustrated Crawling
ZERO CRAG – Push-Button Warfare
LEAVING TRAINS – Cigarette Motel
POSTURE – Janitor
VELO – Deal With It
½ JAPANESE – I Know How It Feels….Bad
THE FIX – No Idols
NO SISTER – This Heat

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