Final Sounds Radio is being re-imagined and reconfigured.

This is the first podcast I’ve done in 2016, and I’m now prepared to pump them out with regularity from this point forward. Final Sounds is heretofore devoted to underground folk, American Primitive, 78rpm, acoustic, experimental and outsider music. The show’s patron saints are John Fahey, Sibylle Baier, Lee Hazlewood, Daniel Bachman, Robbie Basho and Vashti Bunyan.

Episode #5 is the first of many such 90-minute episodes. You can set your watch to it.

Stream or download Final Sounds Radio #5 on Soundcloud.

Stream Final Sounds Radio #5 on Mixcloud.

Coming to iTunes soon.

Track listing: ARTIST – song (album, year)

ABRAHAM CHAPMAN – Deerfield River Blues (Nothing To Leave Behind, 2016 – orig. 1978)
JOANNE ROBERTSON – Rest (Wildflower, 2016)
TANGELA TRICOLI – Jet Lady (Jet Lady, 1982)
ANDY McLEOD – Oh The Sorrow (Ghosts in Virginia, 2016)
FJ McMAHON – Sister Brother (Spirit of the Golden Juice, 1969)
DRY HEART – Meeting By The Moonlight Mill (Dry Heart, 1970)
NATHAN BOWLES – Gadarene Fugue (Whole & Cloven, 2016)
JOHN FAHEY – The Red Pony (God, Time & Causality, 1989)
LEE HAZLEWOOD – Easy and Me (Cowboy in Sweden, 1970)
BIG BLOOD – No Gravity Blues (The Grove, 2008)
DANIEL BACHMAN – Funny How Plans Change (Daniel Bachman, 2014)
ALEX ARCHIBALD – Stray Cats of Commercial Drive (Pink Slippers For East Van, 2016)
ALLYSEN CALLERY – Shoot Me (The Song The Songbird Sings, 2016)
CARTER THORNTON – The Field (Mapping The Ghost Vol. 1 – The Dirt Path to the Field, 2015)
PETER LANG – Bituminous Nightmare (The Thing at the Nursery Room Window, 1973)
ROBBIE BASHO – Seal of the Blue Lotus (The Seal of the Blue Lotus, 1965)
JACK ROSE – White Mule Pt. II (Red Horse White Mule, 2002)

This is my other podcast – take a listen if this might be your bag. “Big things” afoot at Final Sounds – new podcast, new fanzine, new look, new attitude, new format, new way to waste time.

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