Just as with last year’s quick-disappearing 45, those purposely mysteriouso robot-punk spazz-outs from Indiana, CCTV, threw a blitzkrieg practice tape out there last month to see how fast it either vanished or regenerated. It’s the new collector scumbait – free files passed to one or two pimply punks w/ modems, then spread virally.

The band continues to be this phenomenally frantic, tight juggernaut with a Betty Boop vocalist, cramming moves from The Deadbeats, Dow Jones & The Industrials and Devo into sixty-second blast-off canisters. Then, for good measure, they sped up the new tape by a few seconds to amp up the adrenaline. It’s exceptionally blown-out fun, and I really can’t think of a single reason why anyone might want to steer clear.

So to help further their legend, here are the first two CCTV tapes in one convenient place, in case you were in need of hearing them.

Download here.

Track listing:

“Rehearsal Live Recording”

  1. Poison Idea Intro
  2. I’m Annoyed
  3. Gossip
  4. Schaumburg Song
  5. Paranoia
  6. Quiet
  7. Mind Control
  8. Interlude
  9. Men in Punk
  10. Shittalker’s Demise
  11. Outro

“Practice Tape 3.6.16”

12.  Song
About Gossip & Inclusivity

13.  Song
About Shittalker’s Demise

14.  Song
About Anxiety

15.  Song
About Schaumburg, IL

16.  Song
About Sex In A Can

17.  Interlude

18.  Song
About KnowItAllSayItAll’s

19.  Song
About Men in Punk

20.  Song
About “……”

21.  Song
About a Big Plan

22.  Interlude

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