There’s been a recent shift in the British musical order that’s let in a new pack of first-rate yobbish garage punks – bands like the Suburban Homes, City Yelps, and my new punk rock favorite by a mile, The Worms.

These London bombers have a blink-&-miss tape full of raw stuttering riffs, big angry sneers and growls and a shard-heavy approach to the guitar that’s both minimal and damaging. The faster numbers wouldn’t be out of place on a mid-90s Registrators or Teengenerate Japan-punk album (and are better than both); the more deliberate ones are way more in the snarling and oafish spirit of ’77.

I don’t quite see them as “boot boys”, but they’ve crafted some intelligent hooliganism that’s way, way too good to just be on a tape.

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