A new, large, overflowing Dynamite Hemorrhage fanzine’s on the way. We just need to actually make the thing first.

We just finished up an interview with Belgian early 80s punks UNIT 4 (pictured); we’ve persuaded Free Form Freakout’s David Perron to come aboard and write reviews of left-field, sub-underground, non-rocknroll weirdo records; we rounded up the members of late 80s/early 90s San Francisco falling-apart pop act WORLD OF POOH to agree to an oral history; we have an interview with Velvet Underground Appreciation Society founder Phil Milstein nearly done; and even 2016’s LITHICS are getting a well-earned place at the table.

Oh, there’s more as well. Tim Presley from WHITE FENCE will get a “Dynamite Hemorrhage grilling” in the near future. Erika Elizabeth’s writing record reviews. Jay’s writing record and film reviews.

If that sounds at all interesting, we’ll do our best to make sure it actually is. In the meantime, back issues are available right here.

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