Honey Radar – Instant Replay Finger lathe cut 7” EP (What’s Your Rupture?/Third Uncle) / Giraffe 7” EP (Chunklet)



In step with a forthcoming new LP and hopefully a wider
audience, Jason Henn continues to play for the faithful few, who have every
cause to get excited about the proceedings on these two new limited releases.
Dude’s lathe cuts sound far superior to anything else I’ve heard on this
scarce, handmade format, with a full range of fidelity and very little hiss or
compromise, and it’s a great look for a record far more commercially viable
than it purports – there are only 50 copies of Instant Replay Finger to go around, and it contains two of the most
straightforward, single-driven tracks in his history in “Milk Maid” and “Doll.”
Giraffe, limited to 150, almost feels
generous by comparison, but reflects as deeply on Honey Radar’s meandering side
as it does the project’s commitment to late ‘60s psych/folk strum-burn, to the
layperson something like White Fence exhaling into a stack of dryer sheets … countless layers of softness, levels rising and falling as if they’re part of the band,
the silence becoming louder. (http://whatsyourrupture.bigcartel.com)
(Doug Mosurock)

Good roundup on the latest tidal wave of HONEY RADAR vinyl from Doug at Still Single.

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