Dynamite Hemorrhage #66 back in the saddle with a wide-ranging show of sub-underground gakk, puh and twaddle.

You’ll hear new stuff from many of your current faves like THE STACHES, SOPHIE COOPER, BLACK ABBA, PUMICE, OCTAGRAPE, W-X and many, many more.

You’ll also hear rare and barely-tolerated library material from the likes of DICKLESS (pictured here, at their first show in ‘89 – “lucky me”, I was there), SACCHARINE TRUST, SMOG, THE GUN CLUB, SUGARSHOCK, WOODEN SHJIPS and more.

Download or stream Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #66 on Soundcloud.

Stream the show on Mixcloud instead.

Subscribe to the show, and grab older episodes, on iTunes.

Track listing:

THE STACHES – Crocodile
W-X – Clean It Glen
CHARLES HOWL – I Love You 47
NUMBERS – I Transfer
SUGARSHOCK – I Hate The Kids
BLACK ABBA – Put It In The Mail
DICKLESS – Sweet Teeth
SACCHARINE TRUST – We Don’t Need Freedom
VEGETABLE – Castration Frustration
THE VICTIMS – High School Girls
MANSION – The Third
OCTAGRAPE – Seizures
GUN CLUB – Devil In The Woods (1981 demo)
WOODEN SHJIPS – Shrinking Moon For You
PUMICE – Why I Chew My Sleeves
SMOG – Floating
SOPHIE COOPER – Klias Wetlands
WEYES BLOOD – Names of Stars
MARS – 3E (live)

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