Updated with spelling corrections and a back-cover ad!

HEDONIST JIVE BOOK REVIEW is Dynamite Hemorrhage’s contribution to the minuscule world of digital-only fanzines that read like print fanzines. It’s about books, and only books. (Some of those books are about music, however).

It’s a FREE 30-page glimpse into what we’re reading over here, and maybe what you’re reading as well. It features:

– A fantastic interview with Jodi Angel, the short-story bard of rural California’s 17-year-old down-n-outers. We threw every question we had at her, and she gave back even harder.

– An overview of Rick Perlstein’s “America unraveling” trilogy, which tracks the rise of conservativism and American dissolution from 1960 through 1975.

– A rational, logical, completely convincing defense of the e-reader

– Over 20 book reviews

If you’re on a tablet, smartphone or even computer, you can read it on Issuu here.

Download the PDF here – or print it out and take it home.

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