Hot podcast alert. Glen Galloway, a longtime friend of the ‘Hemorrhage, just created the first of what we hope’ll be a long string of podcasts devoted to bent noise, ear-carving psych and general obscuro musical tomfoolery from many eras.

It’s called “SYPHON ME PLASMA”, and episode 001 is an hour of “early syphoning”, as the host tells it. Glen, a renaissance man who’s not only a strong family man, a man of of faith, and one who shreds the waves when he’s not doing his shredding on guitar, may be previously known to you as a prime mover over the years in Octagrape, Truman’s Water, Soul-Junk and probably a few more sub-underground projects. He’s got that trustworthy DJ voice that makes you feel like you’re in the hands of Walter Cronkite, and all will be well in the world.

He says he’s broadcasting from “the far side of Neptune”, but I’m pretty sure that’s just a hifalutin way of saying “San Diego”. I could be wrong. Anyway, check out the podcast by clicking the play button up there; he’s made it available for download as well (see that little arrow in the upper right-hand corner? That’s it).

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