THE KLITZ – “Sounds of Memphis ‘78” 7”EP

If you thought the KBD Santa had
finished blitzing his way into your record collection, think again – this archival
1978 four-song single is way-excellent falling-apart primitive punk, from an
all-female crew who were purportedly “Memphis punk ground zero”. Guitarist Lesa
dated Alex Chilton not long before she helped assemble THE KLITZ, and
she looms large in Big Star mythology as the full-blown inspiration behind

Yet I give the nod for most inspired performances on this one to
scratchy-throated singer Gail Elise Clifton, who struggles through her whoops
and yelps like someone working to regain her pipes after a week-long social
bender, and drummer Marcia Clifton, whose rhythmic I-think-I-can tippy-tap beats are perfect for the songs’ beautifully
ramshackle construction. The band’s loose version of Chilton’s already loose “Hook or Crook” isn’t even
the highlight; the whole’s thing’s a wonderful hot mess, and one of my favorite
unearthed treasures in some time.

(Space Case;
– Jay

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