Hey there.

Yea, it’s November 2014 and the tactile engagement of Fuckin’ Record Reviews #1: The Print Edition – originally advertised for October 2014 – remains confined to the digital realm. Confusion and delay? Worry not Sir Topham Hatt, we are working feverishly to complete this thing and print it on 100% recycled paper before the 2016 election. In fact, we are 64% done (up from 61% last Tuesday), but just like everyone else, we occasionally get stuck between the buttons of procrastination and daydream nation and consequently…it’s proceeding a bit more slowly than hoped.

  • Things done to periodically knock my eye off the prize include…
  • We’ve also employed Bela Koe-Krompecher of belakoe krompecher’s blog to write fuckin’ record reviews! Yea, we’re pretty impressed with our networking power too.


WHY THE FUCK we would create more tangible stuff in the future, namely FUCKIN’ RECORD REVIEWS #1: The Print Edition?


Svenonius: “In the sleek Apple future, our ‘outdated’ possessions are turned into symbols of poverty…We’re encouraged to lose our possessions…

Meanwhile, those who have hung onto possessions are castigated, jeered at, and painted as fools…This is fine for the cyber elite; they can live as they wish. But why is their ideology impressed on all of us through this shame-based propaganda? Why is the “hoarder” so loathed by the Apple authorities?

Because she is feared.

The record collection or magazine or newspaper might reveal some clue to a social movement or trend or fashion or sensibility that defies their moronic stranglehold on consciousness. A burp of resistance. A clue to a way out. A signal that life doesn’t actually depend on high-speed internet access.” 

ALL POWER TO THE PACK RATS by Ian Svenonius Jacobin / a magazine of culture and polemic (July 2014)

  • It also helped us clarify why we would create more stuff in the future, namely FUCKIN’ RECORD REVIEWS #1: The Print Edition –  because we’re fighting the powers that be!
  • Of course, we recognize Fuckin’ Record Reviews utilizes the internet in an obvious fashion, but if our print version – which, by the way, we will not be posting to the tumblr (for the most part) –  offers one burp of resistance, then good on us and our collaborators.  


Announcing our second year of Fuckin’ Record Reviews with…


  • Print Edition –  numbered, Rettman-kissed copies
  • many, many pages
  • eye popping grafix
  • might be a total wreck…but it *will* be!
  • OCTOBER 2014 
  • (you only have yourselves to blame)

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